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Cook In Shanghai 风味菜 organizes Chinese cooking classes in Shanghai to introduce you to real local culture. Our regular group classes and private events all let you choose your own recipes, include a visit to the local wet market, and allow hands-on training for each participant. (Our recipes never use MSG.)  > Learn more about us…

Chinese culture courses schedule at wai ma road

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The Lantern Festival Activity - ShanghaiThe fifteenth day of the first lunar month is the Lantern Festival. On that day, family members gather to have a brilliant night, so ancient people also call it Shangyuan Festival, Yuan night or festival of light.
According to the Chinese tradition, at the very beginning of a new year, when there is a bright full moon hanging in the sky, there should be thousands of colorful lanterns hung out for people to appreciate.
Eating tangyuan and appreciating lanterns are very important customs in the Lantern Festival. (more…)


Let us know more about the wonderful venue and make good use of it!
We are thrilled to announce our newest and your soon to be favorite venue for cooking classes, parties and all sorts of events! Cook in Shanghai Pudong is a uniquely styled indoor venue designed to host extraordinary events – from cooking events, weddings, music show, annual meeting and private parties to corporate events. (more…)

white-tangyuanChinese New Year has almost past, and many people are already familiar with the many delicious foods typical of that time. (If you’re not, check out our blog post from last year that gives some history on Chinese New Year dishes!) Today, we want to talk about the festival that marks the end of the Spring Festival season and has its own interesting treat: Lantern Festival and its delicious glutinous rice dumplings!
The Lantern Festival is celebrated on the fifteenth day of the first month of the new year on the lunar calendar. This day is special because it is the first full moon of the year. In Chinese the name is Yuanxiao (元宵) because the first lunar month of the year is called Yuan and xiao is an archaic word for night. (more…)

springrollSpring Festival is fast approaching and along with it all of the fun activities and delicious foods we enjoy at this time of the year. Today, we want to talk about two in particular. The first is a food that many of our foreign friends may be familiar with, the spring roll. The other is a beautiful traditional Chinese folk craft called paper cutting.


Spring rolls are a rolled appetizer or dim sum that can be fried or served fresh. The filling is usually meat such as pork, chicken or seafood, and vegetables such as cabbage, garlic, Chinese chives or cilantro. The wrapper is made from high wheat flour with water and some salt. They can be fresh, such as is common in Vietnam, but are usually fried. You may also know their popular cousin, the egg roll. The main difference is that egg rolls, which are also eaten during the spring festival, is that the wrapper is made out of eggs. (more…)

Team building cookingWe here at Cook in Shanghai have been doing a lot of team building cooking classes recently and we thought it’d be a good time to talk about some of our experiences. We all know that the purpose of team building exercises is of course to build up the relationships of people working together. During our own team-building activities, we have noticed that people seem to relax and have fun very quickly. In only a few minutes, participants go from filing in to cheering and encouraging each other. (more…)


Thank you very much for choosing Cook in Shanghai! Happy to share with you our latest team building cooking event photos.

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Are you still immersed in the shopping spree on Black Friday? Are you merrily chatting at the bar? Are you annoyed by the common meal in a restaurant? If so, come and join us. We lead you to a world where you can show your cooking skills with your friends.
Instead of planning your weekend activities whimsically, competing the Chinese cooking skill may be a better choice for weekend parties.

When dumplings meet art
Are you tired of something old?
Do you want to do something new?
Close your eyes and image what is going to happen if dumplings meet art.
In this event, we will learn not only how to make dumplings, but also make different ingredient for colorful wrappers with different fillings. (more…)