Authentic home-style Chinese cooking classes

Chinese local home-cooking experience
Learn how to cook typical Chinese food
Chinese local home-cooking experience
Making your own Chinese hand-pulled noodles (la mian)
Chinese delicacies
Wet market visit
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Cook In Shanghai 风味菜 organizes Chinese cooking classes in Shanghai to introduce you to real local culture. Our regular group classes and private events all let you choose your own recipes, include a visit to the local wet market, and allow hands-on training for each participant. (Our recipes never use MSG.)  > Learn more about us…

Hello everyone! This month we have a fantastic springtime excursion with tons of fun activities and things to learn!
Bike RidingTwo types of salted duck eggs


We'll go biking around the island, take photos on the beach and enjoy the beautiful natural scenery of Chongming Island. (more…)

Picking VegetablesMaking Qingtuan

Description: Come to learn the whole process of making a traditional Chinese Tomb Sweeping Festival snack: the Qingtuan sweet dumpling! We’ll learn everything from picking to steaming and eating! All the materials and ingredients are from the local organic farm so they are guaranteed to be natural, safe and so delicious.

  • Learn about tea culture and drink good tea with the Chinese classical music — all while making new friends.
  • We’ll take a hike around the farm, see the crops and flowers, smell the soil and grass, and feel the nature!
  • We’ll play some team building games with new friends and get to know each other better and develop ourselves!


Sichuan Peppercorns If you could only name one ingredient that seems to be the most unique and important to China, a good choice would be the Sichuan peppercorn, sometimes also called prickly ash, or huajiao (花椒, hūajiāo) in Chinese. A favorite ingredients for people taking our cooking classes, the huajiao is so special because of its ability to give the mouth a tingly feeling like putting your tongue on a 9 volt battery.
The huajiao is actually not a pepper at all. It’s neither related to chili peppers or the black pepper used as a condiment. Instead it is (more…)

Map of Chinese Regional CuisinesWhen most people outside of China think of Chinese food, what usually comes to mind is whatever variety of Chinese food they have in their country. Usually this is a version of Chinese food that has been adapted to local tastes. Many people realize that this food is not actually typical of China, but few understand what authentic Chinese food is. That’s why it’s usually a surprise for first-time visitors to China to learn that food is not homogeneous across the country, but actually varies greatly by region. (more…)

Farm Outdoors Team Building Workshop ColleaguesFarm Outdoors Team Building Workshop Field and Greenhouses

Description: This is a day trip that’s perfect for teams of students or colleagues to explore nature by visiting a working organic farm where we can pick our own vegetables, learn to cook some amazing local Chinese dishes and enjoy the slow pace of the outdoors and rural life together. We have planned two sessions of fun games and activities; so you can discover more about your friends and get to make some new ones.

Family making dumplingsAs anyone who has spent time in China can tell you, food is a very important part of any festival in the country. Of course, Spring Festival is now upon us and as the biggest festival of the year, there are of course many traditions involving which foods to eat and when. But have you ever thought why these foods are shared by everyone at these times?
Here at Cook in Shanghai, we knew of course some basics, but there not the whole story. So we thought we’d dive in and try to find the best answers of why we eat what we do to welcome the new year.


Want to learn how to make Chinese Lantern Festival food? Come join in our Sticky rice balls (汤圆 ,Tangyuan) making & Networking Party!

Lantern Festival Tangyuan Glutinous Rice Dumplings Vanilla Pannacotta with blueberry compote

We have  planned on February 16th from 1:30 to 4:30 PM at c3 Café Bar.

We here at Cook in Shanghai have been doing a lot of team building cooking classes recently and we thought it’d be a good time to talk about some of our experiences. We all know that the purpose of team building exercises is of course to build up the relationships of people working together. During our own team-building activities, we have noticed that people seem to relax and have fun very quickly. In only a few minutes, participants go from filing in to cheering and encouraging each other.


Team Building Event Photo Team Building Event Photo



Thank you very much for choosing Cook in Shanghai! Happy to share with you our latest team building cooking event photos.

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