Authentic home-style Chinese cooking classes

Chinese local home-cooking experience
Learn how to cook typical Chinese food
Chinese local home-cooking experience
Making your own Chinese hand-pulled noodles (la mian)
Chinese delicacies
Wet market visit
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Cook In Shanghai 风味菜 organizes Chinese cooking classes in Shanghai to introduce you to real local culture. Our regular group classes and private events all let you choose your own recipes, include a visit to the local wet market, and allow hands-on training for each participant. (Our recipes never use MSG.)  > Learn more about us…

The Event

Date&Time: October 25, 2014 Saturday 14:00 -17: 30
Wanna enlighten your weekend and learn about Chinese culture? A social gathering party mix Chinese traditional folk art and Italian authentic cooking, at an old, renovated private club on the Bund. Sound interesting? (more…)

Meal on Chongming Island organic farm


A weekend excursion to Chongming Island. Active or relaxing, it’s up to you!
Visit a organic farm, walk around the farm, see the crops, blossom flowers, touch and smell the soil. Harvest season now, you can experience farmer’s life for one day, enjoy harvesting paddy, seeing how farmer get the coarse grain off the chaff. Scarecrow is farmer’s best friend, there is a scarecrow making competition after our hard work.
Let’s bike together along the beach of the river around the island with great beautiful nature views in the fresh air and greens! Or you can make your own meal; we are going to teach you make local Chinese dishes. Eat the healthy and real organic food in our glass house. (more…)

Scallion Oil NoodlesNoodles are ubiquitous today. You can find them in all parts of the globe prepared in thousands of ways. When we think of noodles, many westerners think of Italy with its hundreds of varieties of pasta. But at the other end of the Silk Road, here in China, the noodle is a just as popular and integral part of the culture. 
There is even evidence that China is the birthplace of the noodle. In a 2005 article published in the journal Nature, archaeologists talk about their discovery in northwest China of the oldest noodles ever found — over 4,000 years old! (more…)

Kung Pao Chicken (Gongbao Jiding 宫爆鸡丁)Sichuanese food is probably one of the most well known Chinese regional cuisines. Sometimes spelled Szechuanese or Szechwanese, it is not only universally loved in China. Today plates full of colorful dried peppers and Sichuan peppercorns can be found in big cities around the world including New York City, where the Sichuanese restaurant Lan Sheng even has a Michelin Star.
We here at Cook in Shanghai find that our guests love learning to prepare home-style Sichuanese dishes in our cooking classes. Because of their strong flavors and colorful appearance. (more…)

Team building cookingWe here at Cook in Shanghai have been doing a lot of team building cooking classes recently and we thought it’d be a good time to talk about some of our experiences. We all know that the purpose of team building exercises is of course to build up the relationships of people working together. During our own team-building activities, we have noticed that people seem to relax and have fun very quickly. In only a few minutes, participants go from filing in to cheering and encouraging each other. (more…)

Sichuan Peppercorns If you could only name one ingredient that seems to be the most unique and important to China, a good choice would be the Sichuan peppercorn, sometimes also called prickly ash, or huajiao (花椒, hūajiāo) in Chinese. A favorite ingredients for people taking our cooking classes, the huajiao is so special because of its ability to give the mouth a tingly feeling like putting your tongue on a 9 volt battery.
The huajiao is actually not a pepper at all. It’s neither related to chili peppers or the black pepper used as a condiment. Instead it is (more…)


Thank you very much for choosing Cook in Shanghai! Happy to share with you our latest team building cooking event photos.

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cooking-class-shanghaiIt’s been a while since we posted new photos, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy!

If we haven’t seen you in a while, you might not know we moved last year; see below pictures from some of the recent events in our new home-style kitchen classroom:


Kids-cooking class-ShanghaiDuring our exhibition at the last Expat show  we had the great pleasure of meeting a great number of kids and their parents. The kids loved the experience! We were amazed at the amount of interest shown in cooking by families and we left the event with the intent of making a great class for kids and involve their families into our classes.