Saturday’s public class was quite good:

Dishes list:

– 鱼香肉丝 – Yúxiāng ròusī – Fish-fragrant’s shredded pork

– 土豆刀豆 – tǔdòudāodòu – Sliced potatoes and green beans

– 番茄豆腐 – fānqiédòufu – Tomato with tofu

– 葱油饼 – cōngyóubǐng – chinese salty pancakes


Our students proudly  cooked Yuxiang rou si (Shredded pork), amongst other dishes.


“Yuxiang” (鱼香) means litteraly “fish-fragrant”, but it  is a seasoning mixture used mainly for meat or vetegable, like pork or eggplant for the most famous yuxiang dishes. It can also be declined to other ingredients, and is a good way to get into cooking chinese food.


Some photos of the events: