Mediterranean Cooking ClassSummer is in the air and we want to invite you to spend the morning cooking and immersing yourself in a sensational culinary adventure in the company of chef Arturo and Cook in Shanghai. We will guide you through the cooking process of many Mediterranean dishes.
空气中已经充满了夏天的气息,我们邀请您一起度过一个充满美食美酒的美妙上午。你可以自己烹饪,与美食达人Arturo厨师以及Cook in shanghai一起,展开一场美食与美酒的神奇之旅。他们将指导您完成各种地中海菜肴。

You will learn how to make authentic Italian potato Gnocchi, Spanish Paella, French glazed pineapple with vanilla ice cream, Turkish egg-plant hummus, and more. Expect to rediscover yourself in the kitchen while making new friends and understanding the flavors of Western cuisine. Friday June 26th, we are waiting for you!
例如,您将学习如何制作正宗的意大利马铃薯制作的意式汤圆,西班牙海鲜饭,美味的法国香草冰激凌、 土耳其茄子胡姆斯酱。请享受烹饪的过程,期待您重新回归厨房,同时结交新朋友,并理解西方美食的风味。26号上午,我们不见不散。
Mediterranean Cooking Class Preparations
Mediterranean Cooking Class Menu:
Fennel Orange and Olive Salad (Italy)
Potato Gnocchi (Italy) Or Roasted eggplant hummus (Turkey) – choose one
French Onion Soup (France)
Paella (Spain)
Glazed pineapple with vanilla ice cream (France)
Sangria (Spain)
Mediterranean Food
Time: June 26, Friday, 10:00am-12:30pm
Directions: 3033 Kaixuan Road (near Wending Road), Xuhui district
European and American Kitchen (Living Kitchen)
Subway: Line 9, Yishan Rd Station or Line 1/4, Shanghai Indoor Stadium Station
Language of Instruction: English & Chinese
Fee: 320 RMB per person or 590 RMB for 2 people
All included:

  • Professional teachers teaching
  • Materials and ingredients
  • 2 recipes
  • 8 to 10 people at most per class
  • Language Assistant
  • Recipe Booklet
  • Get the opportunity to share the cooking of 6 courses with foreign and local friends
  • Take photos while you’re having dinner in a fun environment

Please email Cherry (Monday to Friday) at or Helen (Saturday and Sunday) at

时间:10:00-12:30 6月26日 (星期五)
地点: 凯旋路3033近文定路
学费:320元/人. 590元 / 2 人

  • 2个菜谱
  • 8到10个人每课
  • 材料和调料
  • 翻译
  • 菜谱本
  • 有机会与来自不同国度的朋友制作并分享六道传统的地中海美食
  • 拍一些照片吧,当你在烹饪的时候展露出迷人的微笑时
  • 享受过程

如何定课:请邮件给Cherry (周一到周五) 到cherry@cookinshanghai.com或者Helen(周六周日)到