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Have you ever wondered what it takes to make the dishes from an anime? Well now is your chance to have a go in our Anime themed cooking activities…

Our host will introducing you the process of the event. Also based on the anime, you have to capture the essence of the anime and the dishes you are going to make before you go on to create your very own animated dishes.

Food animes are always popular but now you have chance to make it real!

You’ll go home with a grin ear to ear, your prize and photos as the perfect memento of a great teambuilding day out!

Key Facts

Duration : 4 hours
Group Sizes : 10-70
Location : Shanghai
Benefits : Learn a skill Team Cohesion Broad appeal Fun Creativity

The Event Format

At the venue, you’ll be divided into different groups by finishing a puzzle and met by our event host who will explain the format of the day. Your company will be split into small teams, ideally of five to eight people.

First task, you¡¯ll be given some useful pictures. Divide your own team into two groups, one group
needs to come up with a idea and design your teamwork with colorful rice. Another group needs to
make omelette and make its own unique. Be creative will help you win more points.

Second task, each team gets their animated dish. Under the guidance of chef, they will try to recover
the dish as the one in the anime. Everyone turns into anyone they like ¨C get each member to make a caricature of someone else (for example the judge in the anime) in the team for hilarious results (as imitating the famous sence in the anime)!

In a grand finale everyone sits down to enjoy the dishes; the room always fills with cheers and laughter.

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