5 Years Professional Event Management

Were you dreaming about being a Kung Fung star when you were a kid? Now is your chance to become a Kung Fung master, showing your brilliant martial art.
You’ll be shown how to warm up your body first, leading by the master. Then getting into the Real Thing.

Please wear comfortable clothes and trainers, so you do and feel the part better, while making horse stance or cat stance.

Our set up can be brought into almost any venue to turn the space into a Team Wok kitchen.

With over 5 years’ experience in the events industry we have worked with different venues in Shanghai-do call us to discuss venues near you.

Key Facts

Group Sizes : 10-70
Duration : Half Day
Location : Shanghai
Benefits : Learn a skill Team Cohesion Broad appeal Fun Creativity

The Event Format

Your team can either choose how to learn Tai Chi or Five Stances Form. If you are looking for a way to reduce stress, consider Tai Chi. If you are a crazy Kung fu fan, five stances form is the very first wushu form you should learn.

Our host will begin with a short introduction to Tai Chi/Five Stances Form and the master, (you can choose either of them to learn).

You will be given time to do warm-up first with the master together. Afterwards, the master will teach the basic hand gestures and leg gestures one by one, step by step. What you need to do is follow the master and try your best to do the every move. It is not easy to learn, but good for your body, and when you see your colleagues facial expressions, you will get impressed ;)

Eventually, the master will choose several top students to show their great results. A time for you to be the kung fu star in front of people, just like Bruce Lee.

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