Chinese cuisine + market visit

Every Saturday morning, special class of cooking in French, family style.
We organize cooking classes in a local shanghainese apartment, you will learn the authentic family style cooking. You will learn all the basics of authentic Chinese-style family meal cooking. It is a unique and intimate experience to enter the home of the local people, and presents itself in the everyday life of the Chinese people. It’s a fun and relaxed way to get to know Chinese cuisine and meet other people!
All recipes are valid online, you choose the recipes you want to learn.

410 RMB per person (360 RMB when you pay in advance), all-inclusive:

– Market visit
– Ingredients
– The recipe book
– 6 people maximum per class
– French Assistant
– Half day (3 to 4 hours) event

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Observer ticket: RMB 150 per person
If you want to come with your family. Have fun and taste the food with observer tickets, book in advance, and you can pay the day of the event!


What does a cooking class look like?


Typical case starts at 10am and ends around 13:30.

Duration: about 3.5 hours
Number of dishes: 3 courses
Class size: minimum 3 people, maximum 6 people
Language: teaching in French
Recipe Card: English printed recipes for each person
Reservation: required

1: Fresh market visit

You will first need to buy the ingredients – vegetables and meat .

For this, you can visit the market of fresh local products , discover the basic ingredients of Chinese food, and learn how to choose the right, and negotiate the price ” in Chinese ”!

2: Chinese Basics

Then you will come back to the kitchen to prepare the meal.
At first, our teacher will explain the basics of Chinese cooking : seasoning , cooking methods , what people really eat at home , the links between food and traditional Chinese medicine, …

3: The cooking time

After that, you will learn how to prepare the ingredients, then cook 3 dishes one by one, with teachers and assistants to help you every step of the way.

4: Relax and tea time

Finally, you will have time to finish eating your prepared meals, and having a tea time conversation.
We will offer you a preparation of the traditional tea ceremony (gong fu cha), with some of the best Chinese tea.

5: The recipe card

During the event, you will receive a recipe card, with English, pinyin and Chinese character names of each of the ingredients and help on how to buy and negotiate the price.
This will be useful for taking notes during cooking classes and then cooking the recipes again at home.

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