All parts of lotus flower are edible. The root and branch contains protein, starch and Vitamin C, the flavour is a bit sweet, crispy and juicy. Can be serve as fruit, and can be add into soup, stir-fried dishes. After filling stick rice to the holes of lotus roots, it can made as a steamed dessert. Put the rice on the fresh or dry leaves of lotus, seal it and after steaming, the aromatic steamed rice is finished. What’s more, the lotus seed can cook with sugar to make candy lotus seed or lotus seed soup.

It also appears in Chinese baking, like moon cake, the famous Cantonese style moon-cake always fill with lotus seed paste

The lotus leaves and seeds can used as Chinese medicine. The bitter taste of the lotus seed is actually good for liver. The leaves and seeds can cool our body temperature and improve blood circulation.

The lotus seeds are good for spleen and can stop diarrhea.

The lotus  can also cool down your body and can be appetizing.

Besides the view appreciation, you can also make a dish with lotus flower.


Recipes Deep-Fried Lotus Flower

Ingredients: Lotus flower, egg, flour, salt


First step: Scramble the eggs, add a pinch of salt and a bit of flour, mix it evenly. And cover each flower with the mixture.

Second step: Deep-Fry them until each side turns golden, and your dish is finished. Simple but tasty.


Lotus and traditional Chinese painting

There are lots of master piece which regards to the lotus flower in our Chinese painting. Those paintings reflect the elegance and gracefulness of the flower. When it comes to lotus flower painting, the most common way of drawing are called “line drawing”, it is one of the traditional Chinese painting ways.