Have you tasted moon cakes before? Do you want to know the story and reason why Chinese people eat moon cakes on certain day? More importantly, is not that interesting to enjoy the traditional mooncake made by yourself. Come and check out our moon cake making event in September!!

1. What is Mid-Autumn Festival

Cantonese Style Mooncake

Moon cakes always symbolize the Mid-autumn festival. The Mid-Autumn Festival is a harvest festival celebrated notably by ethnic Chinese. The festival is held on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar with full moon at night.

2. Yummy Mooncakes

Chinese people celebrate the mid-autumn festival by eating moon cakes and having moon worship.
As for moon cake, the most two common moon cakes in China is Suzhounese style and Cantonese style. There are huge differences between these two styles in term of texture and process of making moon cake skin.

The texture of Suzhounese style is like lots of layers of flaky pastry. That’s why Chinese people use lard while making the skin of Suzhounese style. You will also find this style moon cake is usually served hot and filed with minced pork.

On the other hand, when it comes to Cantonese style, making the wrapper requires low gluten wheat flour, syrup and alkaline water. The ingredients used for the fillings are various: lotus seed paste,melon seed paste, nuts, ham, roast pork, egg yolks, etc.

3. Traditional snack


Home-made Osmanthus Wine

When you come, you will find out the other two snacks, so far we keep them as sercets~

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Our Cooperator & Our Venue

This time Cookinshanghai is going to combine with China Cycle Tours to do this great event with you!

Event Date

Sep.16th 10.30am-1pm


149RMB per person


Free wifi
Experience food culture
Tea and home-made wine tasting
Making Cantonese style moon cake and Sustylemoon cake
Enjoy your moon cakes
Traditional Snacks for Mid-autumnFestival


House 1,No 376 Chang Le Road,Shanghai
Metro Line 1 South Shan Xi Rd Station
Exit3. Walking 5-8 mins
Metro Line 13 Middle Huai Hai Rd Station Exit3 . Walking 3 mins

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