Chinese painting is one of the oldest continuous artistic traditions in the world. The materials used in Chinese painting, brush and ink on paper and silk, have determined its character and development over thousands of years. The teacher will lead you to the world of nature.
During this 2 hour lesson, you will learn how to create different brush painting techniques, taking inspiration from nature. Students will also learn how to use oriental materials and tools properly following useful exercises, exploring the line to learn simplicity as a form of beauty. There will be an emphasis on subjects such as flower and animals. This is an ideal course for people interested in experience Chinese painting.
You can choose to learn how to paint one of the pattern (1.plum blossom 2.bamboo 3. begonia 4.wistaria 5.little chicken 6.tercel).

300 RMB per person, all-included:
– English-speaking – The max is 8 people
– All materials – 2 hours

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You also can book a private class with us:
890RMB (for 1 to 3 people), 1320RMB (for 4 to 6 people), 1600RMB (for 7 to 8 people), 1800RMB(for 9 to 10 people) up to 10 people 240 RMB per person
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Cooking Class + Chinese Painting Class
You can book a cooking class before the Chinese Painting class, too! In this class we will then cook two or three dishes that you can choose from the recipes list. This whole event will last for a day and is a relaxed and fun way to get an understanding of China’s history!
600 RMB per person, all included:
– 6 people max per class – English-speaking guide
– All site entries, tea testing – 5 to 6 hours
– Every Wednesday at 10am with at least 2 reservations

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This also is a team building and group activity. Our teacher will demonstrate how to write calligraphy properly then guide you along as everyone tries it out themselves , practicing strokes and patterns. After the event, everyone gets their own works as souvenirs.
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