Tie-Dye class in Shanghai

Tie Dye is a traditional and unique Chinese art and craft. The method that prevent to be colored by ligating the partial of the fabric during dyeing is one of the traditional techniques in China.
Tie-dye process is usually divided into two parts. it uses strings,yarns and other tools to tie,sew,or press to dye. The feature of this art and craft is to use strings to tie different knots, then dyeing it, eventually you can find out the beautiful patterns after taking out of the strings. There are hundreds way to make different patterns, and the most amazing thing is every knot makes different effects on the fabric. This kind of special artistic effect is hard to use machine to achieve.
Tie-Dye class in Shanghai 2
In the class, we will show you the history of the tie-dye and also we will show you how to tie-dye typically consists of folding, twisting, pleating, or binding with string or rubber bands, followed by application of dye(s).
Normally we use strings and wood strips, squares and chopsticks to tie parts of the fabric so that they will not absorb the color, leaving the fabric a streaked or mottled look.
Tie-Dye class in Shanghai 3
We use different natural floristic color to dye different fabric, like cotton, linen, silk,you also can dye your own handkerchief, t-shirt, scarf etc. You can use your imagination to create a different way to tie it, and you are able to dye it in different colors.
It can be a great handmade gift for your friends and family members.
240 RMB per person, all-included:

– 8 people max per tour – English-speaking guide
– All materials – 2 hours
– Every Thursday at 2pm with at least 3 reservations

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800RMB (for 1 to 3 people), up to 6 people 220 RMB per person
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This also is a team building and group activity.
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