The Chinese people have been eating jiaozi for the past 2000 years. It is a small piece of dough pressed thin with a roller and then wrapped up with fillings inside which are usually of minced pork, beef or mutton mixed with chopped vegetable and spiced with spring onion, ginger, sesame and salt. Jiaozi is a traditional food for Spring Festival in the north of China. It is also a cultural custom of the festival. On the first day of the New Year every household will have jiaozi made the previous night. Without eating jiaozi you are not celebrating the festival in the real sense of the word.

Why Chinese people put peanut, date, coin in the dumplings?

  • Coin refers to achieve more money
  • Peanut refers to longevity
  • Date refers to have a lovely baby soon
During new year, while making dumplings, they wrap coins, dates, peanuts and chestnuts in them, the person who accidentally eat those special dumplings would gain good luck in the new year.
Gold ingot with jiao zi
Its Chinese pronunciation Jiaozi means midnight or the end and the beginning of time, symbolizing “bidding farewell to the old and ushering in the new”. Also, the shape of the dumplings looks like gold ingot from ancient China. So people eat them and wish for money and treasure.
For more people to feel our Chinese food culture, we have a new class —— Jade Dumpling Class for those who are interested in food culture and want to learn how to make pretty dumplings.
Jade dumpling
What you can expect:
The class will start at 2pm on every Friday. During 2.5 hours dumpling class, you will learn how to make jade dumpling from kneading the dough, separating into even pieces, making the wrappers, and make the dumplings all by yourself. The chef will show you the secret of jade dumpling and show you step by step. In class, you will learn 2 kinds of fillings for the dumpling, one is minced pork with cabbage (the most common filling for dumpling in China), another is Chinese chives with eggs.

  1. Free wifi
  2. Free water and tea
  3. Learn how to make jade dumpling
  4. The max is 10 people
  5. Feel Chinese food culture

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