Cooking Classes in Shanghai

We offer different types of cooking classes in Shanghai, depending on the size of your group, availability, cooking experience.
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Gift Voucher

Buy a Cook In Shanghai gift voucher for one of our private classes,
and use it whenever you want in 2018- your choice of dates and dishes.


Finding the perfect gift can be a strugle.
Whether you have freinds or family visiting in Shanghai,
or you just want to give you something different for a birthday,
Christmas, or honeymoon gift, why not offer a unique Chinese cooking experiance for your loved ones?
contact us for more info.

Multi-class Cooking Passport

If you are serious about increasing your Chinese cooking repertoire,
the cooking passport is for you. You can also share your cooking passport with your freinds.


Monthly Cooking Passport 1300RMB (4 times):
Any public cooking course 4 times in a month
Seasonal Cooking Passport 1800RMB (6 times):
Any public cooking course 6 times in 3 months
Half-year Cooking Passport 3000RMB (10 times):
Any public cooking course 10 times in 6 months
Year Cooking Passport 6000RMB (20 times):
Any public cooking course 20 times in 12 months


(Best value:average 380RMB per class instead of 430RMB)
You can click the following buttons to book the class,
when you finish the payment, please inform us by Contact Us
Buy with Paypal:
  • Monthly Cooking Passport (4 times)
    (1300 RMB = 205 USD)

  • Seasonal Cooking Passport (6 times)
    (1800 RMB = 283 USD)

  • Half-year Cooking Passport (10 times)
    (3000 RMB = 472 USD)

  • Year Cooking Passport (20 times)
    (6000 RMB = 945 USD)

Cooking Classes and Food Tours
in Xi’an

We offer different types of tours in Xi’an.