Private cooking class in local home + wet market tour

We organize cooking classes in local Shanghainese homes. You will learn all basics of cooking authentic family-style Chinese meals. It’s a unique and intimate experience to enter local people’s house, and get introduced to everyday’s life of Chinese people.

980RMB (for 1 to 2 people); 1500RMB (for 3 to 4 people)
1900RMB (for 5 to 6 people); 2600RMB (for 7 to 8 people)
all-included :

– Wet market tour
– Ingredients
– Recipe booklet
– 6 people max per class
– English assistant
– Half-day (3 to 4 hours) event

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This does not include kids:
One kid under 10 years of age is free, additional kids are 150 RMB per kid.

What is a private cooking class like ?

One class takes around 3.5 hours in total.


Private cooking classes are flexible as you can choose the date and time, you can choose the morning class(10am to 1:30pm), the afternoon class(2pm to 5:30pm) or the evening class(6pm to 9pm) as well as the recipes.


Upon arrival, the chef and an assistant (speaking fluent English) will prepare the layout of kitchen or space to have the lesson. You will receive a recipe card with the list of ingredients and recipes, in Chinese, pinyin and English.


First, the chef will introduce to general Chinese cuisine (seasoning, methods of cooking, culture).
Then he will prepare and cook each dish and you will follow along with him. The chef will of course help you and will make sure everyone understood the recipe.


When you are finished you are left with a nice new skill to impress your friends next time you have guest at home!


Book a private cooking class at your home


We provide :

– The ingredients (cooker will buy them fresh, just before the class)
– Up to 3 sets of chopper and cut board
– Special seasoning/spices
– Optionally one extra electric stove (please specify if needed)
– Optionally one or 2 woks (please specify if needed)


You have to provide:

– Basic ingredients: salt and pepper, etc (we will provide the list in advance)
– Dinner ware plates, bowl, glasses, cutlery, pans…
– Drinks (water, soft drinks, wine…)


Fee and reservation
– 980RMB for 1 to 2 people.
– 1500RMB for 3 to 4 people.
– 1900RMB for 5 to 6 people.
– 2600RMB for 7 to 8 people.


This does not include kids:
One kid under 10 years of age is free, additional kids we charge 150 RMB per kid.


This does not include transportation fee:
– Transportation – depends of your location (will be the cost of subway or taxi).


You will have to pay a part of the total as  reservation fee in advance (800RMB/108 euros / 131 US$), then you will pay the rest the day of the event.


You can pay online (paypal), or cash by kuaidi delivery or by coming at our office.
Please tell us your at least one or two weeks in advance, so we make sure that the chef will be free!


Reservation and cancellation

Please, don’t cancel at the last minute as events are small groups and we purchase fresh ingredients in portion size for each participant, so last minute cancellations really hurt our small business.
* Cancellation less than 24 hours before event no refund. However we welcome you to send someone to replace you.