Cook In Shanghai organizes Chinese cooking and culture classes in Shanghai. We provide a friendly and welcoming introduction to authentic regional culture. We also offer services such as team building & venue rental with.
In the authentic Chinese Cooking Class, our regular group classes and private events you are able choose your own recipes, including a visit to the local wet market, and provide hands-on cooking practice for each participant. (Our recipes never use MSG.)
In the Chinese Culture Classes (like calligraphy, paper cutting, Dough Figurine sculpting, Beijing opera facial painting, etc.), we introduce the origins of Chinese culture, sharing the experience of masters in these areas. You can also take home anything you create in these classes, making an interesting souvenir no doubt!


What is a cooking class like ?


Typical event starts at 2pm , and finishes around 5h30pm.
We can also organize them in the morning (10am-1pm) or around dinner time (6-10pm)

Duration : about 4 hours
Number of dishes : 3 dishes
Class size : maximum 6 people
Language : teaching in English (other languages may be arranged)
Recipes card : printed recipes and ingredients in English for each person
Reservation : required

1: Visit of fresh market

You will first have to buy the ingredients – vegetables and meat.

For this, you will visit the local fresh market, discovering the basic ingredients of chinese food, and learn how to choose the good one, and bargain for them in chinese !

2: Chinese cooking basics

Then you will come back to the kitchen, to prepare the meal.
At first our teacher will explain to you the basics of chinese food : seasoning, cooking methods, what people really eat at home, the links between food and Traditional Chinese Medecine,…

3: Cooking time

After that, you will learn how to prepare 2 or 3 dishes, one at a time, with teacher and assistants helping you at each step.

4: Relax and tea time

At last you will have time to finish eating your prepared dishes, and have a chat over a tea.
We will offer you a traditional tea ceremony preparation – gong fu cha, with some of finest chinese tea.

5: Recipe card

During the event you will receive a recipe card, with english, pinyin and chinese caracter names of each ingredients, and help on how to buy and bargain for them.
This will be useful to take notes during the cooking classes and afterward to cook again the recipes at home.


Our chefs

We work with different chefs, depending on your cooking experience and which type of recipes you want to learn.

Chefs Zhang Zhen, Li, Cao, Liu

Our team of great chefs Zhang, Zhen, Li, Cao and Liu.


About us



Helen is our co-founder, and manages customer service and operations for our cooking classes.
Favorite recipes: vegetable and spices



Cherry helps us manage customer service and events.
Favorite recipes : Red-cooked fish (Hong Shao Yu), Chili Chicken (Lazi ji), Eggplant and red beans (Qiezi Doujiao), and anything from her province of Huna



Erica, she is a translator. She loves eating. Also, she likes painting. According to the photo, you can see that she doesn’t like taking photos. She loves travelling and meeting new friends!

Amanda's Photo


Amanda is our chef’s assistant and translator. She loves music, food as well as different culture. She believes that food is the best way to explore Chinese culture, because people really live to eat. If you are taking adventure across China through food, then you choose to delve into its heart and soul in the trip.

Hao Qun Lin's Photo

Hao Qun Lin

Chef Lin is one of our chef’s , As chef, she would like to introduce a lot of delicious food to our guests and you would learn more knowledge about Chinese cooking and some useful cooking tips in the class. and translator of the cooking class, Chris can introduce you much more knowledge about Chinese cooking and guide you the whole cooking process.



Hi! I’m Olivia. As the chef’s translator, I can help explain all of the dishes. Through cooking, you will learn more about cooking and have better understand about our culture. I think you’ll enjoy it! Join us!