Come and make an awesome pair of chopsticks !
Here comes our amazing teacher:


Mr. Wang
The founder of Dai zhu studio, he started to learn how to make carpentry by himself when he was a junior student in the university, now he is a craftsman for masks.


The process of class
– The class will be taught in English and Chinese
– 2 hours for making chopsticks (step by step)


Class price:
Fee: 299RMB/per person




Last Carpentry Class Review


For our last successful carpentry event, after sweat and hard working,everyone went home with their own perfect chopsticks.


Watching them passionate designing, whittling, burnishing the chopsticks, we have decided to hold this event again in June.


If you miss the last time, please come this time!



Let’s start.


Whittling the wood and making each wood look like chopstick shape!


Almost is a pair of chopsticks!


Burnishing the chopsticks!


Meet the teacher and students!


Beautiful purple hands after hand working!


Mode of Transportation


Address: Huangpu District, Shanghai No. 1178 Waima road,Shanghai Creative Industry Clustering Park Waimatou Room 101


(diagonally opposite is the official Perth Yacht Club, near Fung Kee Pier Street)


Payment Via


Please note: Because we have to prepare materials before the class, so please book the class before three days, if you didn’t book before three days and show up in the class, we would only have watch ticket for you, 150RMB for one person.


Wechat: 18621782428


Alipay: 1862172428


Name: Helen Liu 刘超群



For booking


Tel: Cherry 18890505400


Erica 13795242371



Email Address:



Introduction of our venue


The “Xinchang Warehouse”, locatedat the old pier in the south of Bund, was originally a private granary forHuang Jinrong, the mob boss of the green gangs in Republic of China. He workedas a police officer in the French Concessionand was the only Chinese inspectorat that time. Relying on the Huangpu River,there is a full of historical senseof the old streets in the south of the Bund. The small roads here all havenames related to the dock, such as “Wang dock road”, “bambooterminal road”. Although these roads have vanished already, the oldwarehouses that people can still see today, as bearing witnesses to theprosperous and bustling in old time in shanghai.


Cook in Shanghai is hiding in such a longhistory of the old Shanghai streets, engaged in culture, food related toforeign cultural exchange activities.


We will teach you how to make a pair ofchopsticks in such an historic place, and enjoy the cultural communicationbetween East and West.