Coffee and CheesecakeSummer is on its way! On a sunny morning, drink a cup of coffee with friends, enjoy the warm-hearted coffee time on the weekend. All above sounds to be perfect and amazing, but it is far beyond our expectations. We are greedy so that we try our best to find the most perfect cake matching with each variety of coffee, and to enjoy the tasting trip brought by the perfect matching. Cook in Shanghai group will bring you season 3 of the hottest classical western food: Philadelphia Cheese Cake Making with Coffee Tasting.
At the moment, the fast pace both in work and daily life needs a growing number of support of “Caffeine”. Tasting a cup of ground coffee in leisure will make people feel comfortable, drinking a cup of instant coffee after intense work makes you relax. In addition, pairing it with cheese cake makes the bitterness of coffee not so strong and stimulating.
Today we will have professional barista coffee(from CAMBIO)for you to explain the story, what is unique coffee, how coffee products, how to cultivate good coffee, how good coffee brewed at home, by a cup of coffee in this process. During the coffee-tasting time, we will lead you to a “coffee kingdom”. Give you the detailed introduction about the “Specialty Coffee”, an Overview of coffee tasting, introduction to Bolivian Coffee and coffee brewing, tasting 7 different flavors coffee as well.
Our coffee is from Bolivia, our menu is chosen carefully, our material and ingredients are selected strictly to make sure they are fresh and safe, our chefs have rich cooking experience. Everything is ready, waiting for your arrival!
Coffee Tasting & Cheese Cake Making Cooking class
Time: June 19, Friday, 10:30am-14:00pm
Directions: 3033 Kaixuan Road (near Wending Road), Xuhui district
European and American Kitchen (Living Kitchen)
Subway: Line 9, Yishan Rd Station or Line 1/4, Shanghai Indoor Stadium Station
Language of Instruction: English & Chinese
Fee: 320 RMB per person or 590 RMB for 2 people
All included:

  • Professional teachers teaching
  • Professional Barista
  • 6 inch Philadelphia cheese cake
  • 7 different flavors coffee
  • 8 to 10 people at most per class
  • Ingredients and Flavoring
  • Interpreter
  • Recipe Card

Please email Cherry (Monday to Friday) at or Helen (Saturday and Sunday) at
不知不觉,夏季悄然而至。在阳光明媚的早晨泡一杯咖啡,再约上三五好友,尽享暖心的咖啡时光。仅有这些还不够,“贪心”的我们非要找到每款咖啡的绝配蛋糕,惬意地品味“绝配”带来的味觉旅行。Cook in Shanghai将带来其中最炙手可热的家常经典西餐第三季:费城芝士蛋糕配咖啡。
时间:10:30-14:00、6月19日 (星期五)
地点: 凯旋路3033近文定路
学费:320元/人. 590元 / 2 人

  • 专业老师教学
  • 专业咖啡师
  • 6寸费城芝士蛋糕
  • 7款不同的咖啡
  • 8 到10 个人每课
  • 材料和调料
  • 翻译
  • 菜谱本

如何定课:请邮件给Cherry (周一到周五) 到cherry@cookinshanghai.com或者Helen(周六周日)到