During the month of May and June we are expanding our stable of classes to include our new Pudong venue as well as fill out days that are more and more requested by our customers. This will include 3 new courses.


The first on is a new dim sum class on Mondays. Here our customers can choose the type of dim sum they would like to make, for a total of three dim sum dishes.


The other two take place in Cook in Shanghai Pudong on Saturdays, for the morning class we will be making la mian hand pulled noodles, shaved noodles and finish off with a delicious ox bone soup.
For the afternoon class, in the same venue, we will be teaching two dim sum courses with soup dumplings and small steamed buns.


Here is a breakdown of all the new courses:

Every Monday:
Dim Sum Cooking Class + Wet Market Visit (2 to 6 people)
10.00 – 13.30


Every Saturday:
Pudong Morning Class – La Mian and Shaved Noodles, Ox bone soup (5 to 10 people)
11.00 – 13.00
Dim sum afternnon class – Soup Dumplings and Small steamed buns (5 to 10 people)