three-coloured soup dumplings

Three-colored Soup Dumplings

three-coloured soup dumplings

As we consider that we have dim sum class on every other Sunday and soup dumpling with Chinese dumpling class in Pudong, so we decide to have a whole new soup dumpling class:
three-colored soup dumplings – instead of the dim sum class on every Monday.
In this new class, we will learn how to make three kinds of soup dumplings with different fillings. The first one will be the traditional soup dumpling, white soup dumpling with pork; the second one will be orange soup dumpling with chicken; the third one will be green dumpling with luffa and shrimp.
It is a way to find out how to make three-colored soup dumplings! Come and join us, taste your own hand-made creations, and meet new friends.



Every Monday:


10:00 am – 13:30 pm each person 280RMB


Three-colored soup dumplings class (2 to 6 people)


Address:Room 502, No. 2, Lane 269, Zhao Jiang Bang Road
Tip: We don’t go to wet market this class, and if only one person, we can’t open the class.