Western Cuisine Cooking Wellington steak, wine and Waldorf saladThat steak should be eaten with red wine seems to have become the recognized norm, but the pairing of wine and steak can be more complicated than we think. In the view of chefs and sommeliers, subtle changes in each kind of aroma and taste can bring different dining experience.
Amongst all the great western dishes, which ones are the most delicious and easiest to cook? This month, CookInShanghai group will bring you the hottest classical western food season 2: Beef wellington with red wine & Waldorf salad. We have three different kinds of wine for you learn how to taste, and you have chance to find best wine for yourself, beef wellington raw materials I chose from Australia, it is the finest filet mignon. No need to spend money in the expensive restaurant anymore!!
Our menu is chosen carefully, our material and ingredients are selected strictly to make sure they are fresh and safe, our chefs are experienced with the details of food. We prepared everything and it’s all only waiting for you!
Title: Classic Western Cooking Class: Beef Wellington, Wine & Waldorf Salad
Time: 2pm-5:30pm, Sunday May 17
Directions: 3033 Kaixuan Road (near Wending Road), Xuhui district
European and American kitchen (Living Kitchen)
Subway: Line 9, 3 or 4: Yishan Rd Station; Line 1 or 4, Shanghai Indoor Stadium Station
Teaching language: English / Chinese
Fee: RMB ¥450 per person or RMB ¥850 for two people
All included:

  • 2 recipes and red wine
  • 8 to 10 people max per class
  • Materials and ingredients
  • Language assistant
  • Recipe booklet

Book the class now! More info please send email to contact@cookinshanghai.com

Western Cuisine Class Steak Wellington, wine and Waldorf salad
时间:14:00-17:30,5月17日 (星期日)

  • 2个菜谱和红酒
  • 8到10个人每课
  • 材料和调料
  • 翻译
  • 菜谱本