Without a sound, December steps into our life. With the new year approaching day after day, the enthusiasm of people from around the world about new year is becoming higher and higher.  We will welcome the coming of Heavy Snow and Winter Solstice during this month, which means that the weather is becoming colder and colder. For many Chinese people, eating dumpling and drinking mutton soup have been a ritual to drive away coldness in the day of Winter Solstice. During the 24th and 25th of December, you will find Santa Claus in almost every street and lane, even at home, family members sit under the Christmas tree to exchange gifts. In the last day of December, what almost everyone would do is to is to wait for the bell of new year, then make the first wish for the new year.
Can we break the convention to celebrate such a special December in a unique way?

Plan 1:
Learn to make several western dishes, and show your cooking skills during parties.(Recipes:Caesar Salad, Steak with Mashed Potatoes + Red Wine + Borscht)

Caesar SaladSteak with Mashed Potatoes

Plan 2:
Girls who are obsessed with delicate desserts can learn cookies easily, then give it to your darling to share happiness.(Recipes: Blueberry and Oats Cupcakes, Blueberry Cheese Cake.


Except for the Western food, you can also meet Chinese traditional art here.

Plan 3:
Art of Paper Cutting, during which you can touch the fluxion of traditional culture of Chinese New year.


Plan 4:
One flower is a world. But how to make flower step into our life?


If all above program can be realized within a month, is that a big surprise?
From December on, Cook In Shanghai and City Chef will cooperate to host a series of interactive activities between Chinese and western culture. At a pleasant weekend, you come to City Chef to learn western food from a French food chef and enjoy the charm of traditional Chinese culture with Cook in Shanghai team. During the activity, you can make new friends from all around the world.
The world is so big, but it’s small sometimes. Regardless of race and nationality, the more you communicate and listen, the more love-filling smiling faces you will come across.
This winter, we meet each other, so we’re not cold at all.

Advance Notice for the Western Cuisine and Chinese Cultural Course on December 2015:

Caesar Salad + Steak with Smashed Potatoes +Red Wine + Borscht
Time:Sunday, 11:00 -14:30 12/13, 2015 Cooking Class time
Price: RMB 450/ P or 850/ 2 people
Chinese Paper-cutting
Time:Sunday,15:00-16:30 12/13, 2015 Culture Course time
Price: RMB 100/P 180/2 people
15:00 – 15:10: A short introduction of paper cutting
15:10 – 15:40: Cutting with scissors ( Cutting different shapes and animals )
15:40 – 16:30: Cutting with knives ( Using knives can make more complex shapes )

Blueberry and Oats Cupcakes + Blueberry Cheese Cake
Time:Saturday, 11:00 -14:30 12/26, 2015 Cooking Class time
Price: RMB 300/P
Flower Bouquet
Time:Saturday, 15:00-16:30 12/26, 2015 Culture Course time
Price: RMB 198/P
Teaching language: English / Chinese

Info of Venue

Directions: City Chef, Room 101, Building 7, 3539 Dongfang Road(near Nanmatou Road), Pudong New District, Shanghai
Subway:Line 6/7, West Gaoke Rd Station or Line 6, Linyi Xincun Station, walk about 10 minutes



There is limited space so be sure to book early by emailing Cherry contacting at or calling to Cherry:18890505400 for more info and RSVP.


价格:450/人 或850元/2人
15:00 – 15:10: 剪纸的简单介绍
15:10 – 15:40: 用剪刀剪 ( 剪不同的图形和同屋 )
15:40 – 16:30: 用刀雕刻 ( 用刀雕刻更复杂的图形 )
教学语言: 中英双语
预订:请邮件给 Jerry 定课或更多信息 或者电话给 Jerry:18717725372